Lakshmi was intiated into Carnatic music in Chennai by Sri Ramachandra Iyya who taught her many kritis in chaste bani.

On moving to Mumbai she learnt from Smt. Alamelu Mani of the Brinda Mukta school, and Sri A.S. Pancapakesa Iyer, whose stature as teacher is widely acknowledged. Lakshmi also extended her repertoire under Sri N.S. Chandrasekaran.

On moving back to Chennai, she learnt under the late Sangeeta Kalanidhi Sri T.K. Govinda Rao from whom she has tried to imbibe the exquisite Musiri bani. Currently she is learning from Nadayogi Sri V.V. Subramaniam, the violin wizard with his wondrous combination of great vidwat and supreme aesthetics and whose insights into the world of nada are unmatched. Lakshmi has the privilege of being offered glimpses into esoteric aspects of the world of musical sound under his guidance.