Lakshmi Sreeram is a Carnatic and Hindustani vocalist as well as a writer and academic based in Chennai, India.

As a vocalist in the Hindustani Khayal music tradition, Lakshmi (Ramakrishnan) Sreeram has a rich experience in performance backed by sound training under eminent gurus. Stalwarts in the Agra and Gwalior traditions of khayal music have moulded and guided her in her musical journey.

Lakshmi is equally adept at Carnatic music in which also she has received sound training from eminent gurus and has performed widely. Being inclined towards the nuanced styles of Musiri and Brinda schools of music, she derives immense benefit from guidance under Nadayogi Sri V.V. Subramanyan.

Lakshmi’s exposure to serious music since her childhood and rigorous training under her gurus, coupled with an intuitive grasp of the musical idiom have further been nourished by a fine intellect and a deep respect for the tradition she represents. With such varied influences, she presents a music that is at once emotive and intelligent. Her training in Bharatanatyam adds another subtle dimension to her music. She has also received a Ph.D. degree in Philosophy from the University of Bombay for her work in Alankara Sastra.

Besides many concert performances, she has given lecture demonstrations to explain the intricacies of the music. She is a guest faculty at the renowned Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (I.I.T.) where she introduces students to various aspects of classical music. She writes for Sruti and The Hindu, both prestigious publications in South India.